Here is what, others are saying. More satisfied, customers and clients...

 "Linda, You are awesome !!!! You made it happen !! I thank god for you. I would never 
 have been able to make it happen !! I Can't praise you enough & I will let it be known !! 
 I know you did me a favor & deal mostly with higher end sales. So, I really appreciate, 
 all the time and effort you put into selling my home. Thank you again !!" -Paula Barone 

 "Linda placed my interest above all else. She marketed & sold my property in a matter 
  of days. She then gave me the information I needed to make an informed decision 
  on my purchase."  - Louis Vinataluro

  "I appreciated the amount of exposure my property received, Linda did a great job."   
      -Sharon Sabino

 "No pressure.  Linda was willing to show me whatever I was interested in. She took the 
  time to listen and then She sold my home in a matter of days ! "  - David Rosen

  "Linda Sold my Condo in a Day !! At Full Price !! What more can I say !? - Donna G

                   Customer Testimonials
   Linda successfully marketed & sold this fine estate in "Rio Vista" Mahwah, NJ   
  Sale Price: $3,150,000.00 1 of the highest priced homes to ever sell in this community !                        Linda sold this home in Record time ! The Seller's were "Ecstatic !!"

     "Exceptional Agent overall. She puts 100%  into 
     her work. Profound thinking in her approach with 
     any project. Competent, understanding and
     patient towards work and client."                                                                                               Manoj Barot

   "Linda applied no pressure until She needed to, when 
    we were in competition for a home, then She applied 
    just enough pressure to get us the home we wanted! 
   She was very conscious of our goals & needs. She is 
   a very genuine person." - Lori MacNeill

   "Linda is the Best Agent I know. 
   She goes above and beyond what is expected. 
   She is dedicated and very knowledgable. 
   A true professional ! I highly recommend her." 
                                                                 - Scott & Diane H.

  "Linda is a pleasure to work with. Honest & Reliable.
   She is very efficient in all that She does." JP



75 E Allendale Ave Saddle River, NJ  07458         Office: (201) 934-4900 Ext. 23 

Linda's Overall Ratings:

 Market knowledge: Superior
  Process expertise: Unmatched
  Responsiveness: Excellent Negotiations Skills: Superb